Caring for your Professional Hairdressing and Dog Grooming Shears

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The Importance Of Caring For Your Professional Hairdressing Shears In Lincoln

Regardless of your client, be it human or pet, it is vital that hairdressers take great care of their most precious tool of the trade: professional hairstylist shears. In Lincoln, day in and day out, you depend on your scissors to accomplish lots of different types of hairstyles. Like any other equipment, you will need to take proper care of your shears to ensure that they always function well and last as long as possible. Read through these helpful tips to keep your quality hairdressing scissors in top shape.


Frequent cleaning is necessary to maintain shears. To do so, simply wash them with warm, soapy water after each client. However, do pay close attention to scissors when they are soapy as they can easily slip, which can result in accidental falls that will damage the blades.


After cleaning the shears, you will want to dry them with a clean, soft towel. Although you may think about leaving them to air dry, it is not recommended, since water accumulation in the joint can cause the scissors to rust. Hairdressing shears, in Omaha salons, spas, or barber shops, always require thorough drying, according to top-selling manufacturers.


Sharp quality scissors cut hair seamlessly and effortlessly, creating a precise snip that is so sharp, you'll hear it! But, when shears become dull, they lose their accuracy, resulting in bent, torn, and damaged hair. Instead of a stunning look, your client gets an uneven, poorly executed cut. To make sure your shears are kept sharp, always employ the skills of a certified professional sharpener.


To prevent your shears from getting jammed, lubricate the joint regularly. When applying the lubrication oil, open the shears to its widest point, then open and close the blades repeatedly to make sure that the lubricant gets deep into the joint. No matter the brand of hairdressing shears, Omaha hairstylist professionals that wish to prolong the life of their tools must use a quality scissor lubricant.

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