How to Care for Your Hairdressing and Dog Grooming Shears

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How to Care for Your Hairdressing and Dog Grooming Shears

Whether you dress the hair of humans or animals, haircutting shears are an expensive piece of equipment. You want them to last as long as possible, right? To do that, you’ll need to care for them correctly. Here are four ways to care for your dog grooming and hairdressing scissors in Lincoln to make them last for many years.

Store Them in a Pouch

When not in use, scissors should always be kept in a dedicated pouch to protect them from damage and accidents. Never leave them loose in your bag when transporting them. It can damage the points and you risk stabbing or cutting yourself when you reach in to grab something else.

Oil Them

Shears should be kept clean and oiled to maintain longevity and performance. When you lubricate your scissors, do it with them wide open, then open and close the blades several times to ensure the oil comes in contact with the joints. Use specialist scissor oil to keep them from getting clogged up or dirty. Cooking and baby oils are unsuitable lubricants for professional hair stylist shears.

Get Them Professionally Sharpened

Most haircutting shears should be sharpened every six months for maximum performance, but it depends on how often you use them. Never sharpen them yourself. You risk ruining the blades. Instead, use a professional for shear sharpening in Omaha. They should be returned looking like new, having been sharpened on the inside ride line and the outside of the scissors.

Get Them Repaired If Dropped

The most common cause of damage to hairdressing scissors in Lincoln is when they’re dropped. This can damage the edge leaving nicks or knock them out of alignment. Professional shear sharpening in Omaha can give them a complete sharpening service to remove metal and the nick, giving you back a sharp pair of scissors. Unfortunately, they’ll probably have a shorter lifespan, so always take care not to drop your shears. If they do fall, never try to catch them. You run the risk of getting hit by the points.

Hairdressing scissors are one of the most important pieces of equipment in your arsenal for your grooming business, whether it’s for people or dogs. Keep your shears in good shape by following the tips above.

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