What You Need To Know About Mirage Brand Hairstylist Shears

Mirage Brand Professional Hairstylist Shears

Stand Out Features on Mirage Brand Shears

If you’re a professional hair stylist, you know that Mirage shears mean quality. They’re one of the most popular brands available in today’s market, combining high-quality steel manufacturing with ornate, original designs. Here are some of the stand out features available from Mirage brand hair styling shears.

Ergonomic Hair Stylist Scissors

Mirage offers an array of ergonomic options from swivel thumb and double swivel to bent thumb and a wider spaced handle. These features can stop excess pain from starting in the neck, back, or shoulder. Double swivel shears let you cut vertically or diagonally with less stress, while swivel thumb shears lower the elbow and shoulder position, allowing for a lower stress cutting action. To better explain, a regular shear keeps your thumb in a vertical position with an arched wrist. With a swivel, your thumb keeps a natural position, as if you are going to shake someone’s hand. This creates a horizontal cutting action that gives you more control over your styling technique without tiring or stressing your hand. Medical professionals recommend this style to reduce hand stress injuries.

Texturing Hair Stylist Scissors

Mirage offers texturing features in several new hair styling shears. Texture is important in hairstyles that are spiky or worn messy. It can be created with point cutting, slide cutting or stacked shears. Point cutting softens bluntness by using a snipping technique that lops off ends at an angle to create a feathered or textured edge, while slide cutting removes bulk by sliding the shears along the length of the hair while holding them slightly open. It’s also referred to as “slithering.” If you prefer to create a cut and texture at the same time, look for Mirage’s stacking shears which have a cutting shear and thinner shear in one tool. Stacked shears include both in one pair of scissors, using only one handle. You’ll save time by doing two cuts at once, leaving an immediately blunt edge.

No matter what you’re looking for in a new pair of haircutting scissors, take a look at the Mirage brand. They’re made exclusively for stylists and have a high-quality standard that will last for many years to come with good care.

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