You Should Be Looking at More Than Price When Purchasing Hairstyling Shears

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On the path to becoming a hair stylist or barber, you’ve probably paid a fair share of money to things like training, licensing, and a business space, but the most important money you’ll ever spend will be on your equipment including a good pair of professional hair stylist shears. With more and more stylists graduating from beauty school, you need to remain competitive and give quality cuts to your customers. To do this, you’ll need to invest money in learning new skills and go for the latest hairdressing scissors. Here’s why you should not skimp on a lesser quality pair.

A good set of shears should be a business investment. They can help you further your career and bring in more money to offset the cost, so don’t look at the high price tag and be immediately turned off. Instead, run the numbers. A new set of professional hairstylist shears runs around $500. You spend more than that on your smartphone contract every year. Your phone alone costs that much, and even your daily latte habit can cost you $1,825 in a year. Those shears won’t cost you any more than other devices in your life and they have the added benefit of bringing in sales. If you charge $40 for the average haircut, those scissors will pay for themselves within 13 client sessions.

The latest hairdressing scissors can drastically improve the quality of your haircuts and bring clients back for repeat business. They may even recommend you to their friends and family which is more sales for you. Industry studies show that US residents will begin spending more freely on styling as their confidence is boosted by the declining unemployment rate. You can make sure you’re getting your fair share of this spending by offering your customers a stylish cut with the best equipment.

Professional shears come in left-handed and right-handed versions with a variety of features such as texturing tools and ergonomic handles. They’ll last for years and you’ll save money by buying one premium pair rather than repeatedly buying poor-quality scissors every time they break or get dull.

Good shears really do pay for themselves. If you’re ready to pick out a pair of high-quality scissors, check out the excellent prices at Pro Sharp Edges.

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