Scissor Rings

Scissor Rings

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Made From Real Scissor

Swivel Rings

Comes with One Charm and One Finger Sizer

Wear a piece of your hair-cutting shear around your finger!

Includes one swivel thumb ring from a hair-cutting shear, one colorful finger sizer, & one charm of your choice!

Swivel ring comes in silver, black, or rainbow finish

16 charms & 14 finger sizer colors to choose from

One size fits all: finger sizers can be used to adjust size

The shear swivel ring is an excellent gifts for hair stylists

Available Charms:

Clear gem, Black gem, Red gem, Green gem, Purple gem, Blue gem, Pink gem, Red Lips, Purple Butterfly, Silver Screw, Dog, Skull, Lady Bug, Frog, Cancer Ribbon, Starfish

Available Finger Sizers:

Gold, dark purple, red, blue, light purple, pink, hot pink, aqua, lime green, fuchsia, dark green, orange, black, silver