Pro Sharp Edges Sharpening Process

The Shear & Clipper Blade Sharpening Process




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Where Shears are Sharpened Right the First Time!

It is very important to keep your High Quality Shears at top performance - thus sharpened and adjusted. This will help to reduce carpal tunnel syndrome and increase the life of your scissors. Having and keeping a sharp shear reduces your cutting time and gives a better haircut. Dull scissors crush the hair follicles, causing split ends resulting in a bad haircut.  Depending on the type of hair cutting scissors the hair stylist uses, plan on sharpening Japanese and Korean shears at least once every 12 months. Taiwanese and Chinese shears require sharpening every 4 to 6 months.

Steps of Shear Sharpening

  1. Inspection of Shears - I overlook the shears to see any defects or damage on the cutting edge - sparkles, nicks, notches, grooves, chips, or even a rolled edge. Next, I look for missing bumper and the overall condition of shears such as over sharpening, bad sharpening, or tip wipe out.
  2. Disassembly and Cleaning - I start by taking shears apart and I clean all parts extensively. Scissors must be completely cleaned prior to sharpening.
  3. Sharpening -  I move shears to my flat hone Hamaguri sharpener. This is where I sharpen the outside edge of your high quality shears under magnification.  Next, I move to flat stone to remove burr & put on a new ride line. Now, I move to my polisher to remove any & all burrs on cutting edge. Finally, I put on a high gloss finish one expects to see -  like a new shear!
  4. Blade Inspection -  Time to overlook each blade under magnification to make sure they are properly sharpened and I can not see the cutting edge. If I can see the cutting edge anywhere, the shear is not properly sharpened.
  5. Reassembly and Adjustment -  I reassemble the scissors while being very careful not to damage the cutting edge. Following reassembly, a proper adjustment is very important.
  6. Testing - Each pair of shears is thoroughly tested after sharpening to make sure they have been properly sharpened, reassembled and adjusted correctly.

Now your High Quality Shears are ready for use. When hair cutting scissors are properly sharpened, they should cut and perform as good or sometimes even better than new shears.

Expectations of a Good High Quality Shear

  The higher quality the steel in the shear, the longer the cutting edge should last.  “No abuse”

  Your shear should not bend or fold the hair over the cutting blade.

  Your shear should not push or chase the hair.

  Your shear should feel comfortable in your hand.

Dog Groomer Shears and Clipper Blades                                   

Pro Sharp Edges and Nebraska Shears sells 10 different shears and thinners for dog groomers at this time. We do not sell any clipper blades at this time.

Dog grooming shears should act and cut a lot like beauty salon hair cutting shears.

Blades, when sharpened and properly assembled, should not drag. Dragging is usually caused by loss of tension in the spring, ie loose screws or a bad spring.

Sharpening of Clipper Blades

  1. Blades are first taken apart, cleaned and then honed on a hollow ground stone.
  2. Blades are then Demagnetised, cleaned again in alcohol, dried, and oiled. I also reset or check socket for proper adjustment, check & reset spring tension before reassembly.
  3. Next I reassemble the clipper blades. Following reassembly, I check again for proper spring tension. I then run blade on either andis or oster clipper for a couple minutes. Next, I check blades on my red test hair. This hair is extremely soft. If it will not cut on the test hair, I will either re-adjust spring tension or re-sharpen blade or both. After testing, I again oil the blade.
  4. The Clipper Blade is now ready for use.

To help extend the life of your clipper blades, keep them well oiled and clean, especially after they get wet. Moisture is your enemy.

If you are having trouble with your blades not working properly, look at your clipper,

They may have a worn or bad blade drive assembly. This could be the blade drive on the andis clipper, or a lever on the oster clipper. Another possibility is a bad hinge assembly. I do carry these parts as well as cords, brushes, switches, and many other parts for both andis ag or agc clippers & oster 76 classic, & A5 clippers. Sometimes try blades on another clipper to further troubleshoot the issue.

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